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Online Pilates Classes

Join me online for a full body conditioning, low impact Pilates or Barre class.

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 What Others Have To Say

Absolutely love the barre class followed by Pilates. Michelle is a fantastic teacher and always helping everyone to reach their goals. We all have great fun in this class makes me wish I had taken up ballet as a child but it’s never too late.

- Bridget B. N Wales


Suitable for beginner to advanced levels. 

Strengthen and tone your body with low-impact exercise that will leave you feeling great! If you’d like to join one of my online Pilates classes, check out my sessions below and book now.

I also have online Barre classes available if you’re looking for a more intense workout to get the blood pumping!

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My Story

I was introduced to Pilates when I began to search for a form of low impact exercise which could transform your body as well as incorporate an element of mindfulness. 

Pilates became a way of life, a lifestyle choice, making the time to find just a few hours a week to practice Pilates is so beneficial to the body and the mind. These benefits can then be experienced in your everyday life, helping you to move better, with reduced aches and pains, increasing your mobility and also help to reduce feelings of anxiety .

I am in my mid fifties and I have never felt so toned, strong and flexible, it has definitely helped to keep me feeling and looking youthful.