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Online Pilates Classes

Join me online for a full body conditioning, low impact Pilates or Barre class.

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 What Others Have To Say

Absolutely love the barre class followed by Pilates. Michelle is a fantastic teacher and always helping everyone to reach their goals. We all have great fun in this class makes me wish I had taken up ballet as a child but it’s never too late.

- Bridget B. N Wales


Suitable for beginner to advanced levels. 

Strengthen and tone your body with low-impact exercise that will leave you feeling great! If you’d like to join one of my online Pilates classes, check out my sessions below and book now.

I also have online Barre classes available if you’re looking for a more intense workout to get the blood pumping!

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My Story

I was introduced to Pilates when I began to search for a form of low impact exercise which could transform your body as well as incorporate an element of mindfulness. 

Pilates became a way of life, a lifestyle choice, making the time to find just a few hours a week to practice Pilates is so beneficial to the body and the mind. These benefits can then be experienced in your everyday life, helping you to move better, with reduced aches and pains, increasing your mobility and also help to reduce feelings of anxiety .

I am in my mid fifties and I have never felt so toned, strong and flexible, it has definitely helped to keep me feeling and looking youthful. 

  • What is Pilates ?
    Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on improving core strength and muscular imbalances, which in turn has a positive impact on our overall health and well-being. The benefits include improved flexibility, posture and balance and in comparison to other more traditional and strenuous forms of exercise and significantly reduces the chance of injury. Originally called ‘Contrology’, Pilates was named after its creator, the carpenter and gymnast, Joseph Pilates. The programme was developed to help injured soldiers and dancers while he was living in the UK. Initially, Joseph Pilates created and devised 34 fundamental exercises that aimed to develop the complete coordination of the mind, body and spirit. These exercises have been developed over the years, but regardless of different approaches taken by some instructors the six key principles have remained the same, control, concentration, powerhouse-centring, breathing, precision and flow.
  • Is Pilates suitable for me ?
    Pilates is suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced. All Pilates exercises can be modified to meet the needs of the individual. Everyone can gain something from Pilates. Some common conditions that can benefit from Pilates are: - Low back pain - Shoulder problems - Hamstring problems - Postural/biomechanical problems - Post pregnancy - Weak glute muscles - Sacra-iliac pain - Sciatica pain - Neck pain - Knee and hip pain - Hypermobility syndrome - Post abdominal surgery
  • How many classes will it take to notice a difference ?
    Pilates can help you shape your body and core. It can also help you feel better and have more energy in your day-to-day activities. When practicing pilates, you can expect to feel better after just a few weeks or less. You will begin to see muscles form, gain strength and flexibilty after 3 weeks to 2 months of doing pilates, of course this depends on the frequency and length of your pilates practice. It is recommended that you attend classes regularly to gain the benefits. We offer a weekly access all pass making it cost effective to join in more classes.
  • How do your Zoom Pilates classes work ?
    For my online Pilates classes an app called ZOOM is needed, you can download this for free onto your chosen Ipad or Laptop. This allows me to see everyone in the class at the same time. - Set up your device beforehand so you get exactly the right angles. You can readjust the device before we roll down onto the mat. It is important that i can see you as i will give alignment correction etc throughout the class. - When you are all set, click on the link provided in your emailed invite. You will be held in a waiting room until the class starts. - When you enter the class you will be automatically muted and we ask you to stay muted during the class. This allows us to make sure that everyone can hear the Instructor. - If you have any questions you can unmute yourself via the speaker button located on the bottom left. - When the class starts I will explain what you need for the class and what you will work on in the class. The Pilates class lasts an hour. There will be plenty of time at the end of the class for a chat or if you need to ask any questions or need more demonstration of the exercises.
  • What is Barre ?
    Barre is a workout inspired by Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. It focuses on low impact high intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone the body in ways that few workouts can.The exercises are done at the barre ( a sturdy chair is perfect ) we also use a light 1 kg hand weight for strengthening and toning arms.
  • What are the benefits of Barre ?
    Barre helps to strengthen and create long lean muscle tone. It helps to boost your endurance, improves balance, increases range of motion and creates better posture. It can also support weight management too.