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My Story

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My Story

There has always been a secret Pilates teacher hidden inside me waiting to emerge. As a teenager, I was never that fond of sport and the often brutal competitive nature of netball and hockey terrified me. I did however enjoy the graceful strength and fluidity of dance and gymnastics. 

I was introduced to Pilates when I began to search for a form of low impact exercise which could transform your body as well as incorporate an element of mindfulness. 

I had arrived at a time in my life when I needed to take back some form of control and improve my mental health wellness, Pilates helped me to do this and more. I enjoyed the exacting precision and control of the movements and the concentration on the breathing helped me to focus and calm my mind. 

Pilates Journey

I was extremely fortunate to find a  wonderful Pilates teacher who had similar energy levels and she managed to make every Pilates class exciting, challenging and an uplifting experience. She inspired me to begin my Pilates teacher training and eventually qualify as a Pilates teacher.

That was six years ago and my love of Pilates and teaching has only grown stronger. I have recently adapted my classes to teach exclusively online via Zoom which works incredibly well as it is so convenient. 

I try to bring that same positive energy level and feeling of progression into my own Pilates classes. I enjoy seeing the improvements and changes in the functional fitness levels of all my class members. 

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pilates instructor in red jumpsuit demonstrating side plank exercise
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Pilates Power

Pilates becomes a way of life, a lifestyle choice, making the time to find just a few hours a week to practice Pilates is so beneficial to the body and the mind. These benefits can then be experienced in your everyday life, helping you to move better, with reduced aches and pains and increased mobility.

Joseph Pilates originally developed Pilates to help our bodies repair and recuperate, performing these exercises helps you to identify your weaknesses and helps you develop strength where you need it. 

I love Pilates because it is low impact intelligent movement and a form of exercise which is suitable for all levels of fitness and any age group. I am in my mid fifties, I am diabetic Type 1 and have definitely found Pilates to help regulate my blood sugar levels. I also recently started my menopause causing my legs to ache, after each pilates class I have found that it has helped to bring some relief to my legs. I really cannot recommend it enough. 

I have never felt so toned, strong and flexible, it has definitely helped to keep me feeling and looking youthful. 

My Favourites Exercises

Shoulder Bridge

This shoulder bridge is great for, strengthening your gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, pelvic floor, abdominals and back muscles.


Most notably the tiny ones which control movement of each individual vertebrae and can weaken after episodes of back pain.

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infographic demonstrating side plank exercise.jpg

Side Plank

Lots of strength is needed for side plank. It is an excellent exhilarating exercise for building strong toned obliques ( Waistline muscles )
We are also having to use our legs and arms to hold this position.

Strong obliques can help to protect your spine, improving your posture, and reducing your risk of back injuries.

There are so many variations of this exercise and it can be easily adapted to suit every fitness level.


The Superman is a simple core exercise that improves stability, encourages a neutral spine, and relieves low back pain.
This exercise pose uses the whole body to target and strengthen your core, hips, and back muscles. It also helps promote proper posture and increase range of motion.

infographic demonstrating cobra variation exercise.jpg
infographic demonstrating superman pilates exercise.jpg

Due to the strong muscular engagement, it strengthens the spine, the legs and buttocks, and the arms and shoulders.

Since Cobra pose is a backbend, it stretches the entire front of the body, from the chest and lungs, to the shoulders, and abdomen. It thus opens the heart and lungs and can help you breathe more freely.

Ballet Arms
Sideline Barre Legs
Barre Legs with Low Lunge
2nd Position Plie
Superman and Weight
2 Min Plank

See me in action!

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