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lady doing pilates excercises on patterned background
lady doing pilates excercises on patterned background

I would love to hear from you!


Would you like to be advised on which class would suit you best, or need more information about the 1:1 personal pilates training sessions?


You may be suffering from an injury and want to know if Pilates would be beneficial for you.

If you would like more information about the £10 access all package and which classes are included.

Perhaps you just want to chat about what Pilates or Barre classes can do for you.


I am here to help answer any of your queries and concerns so please contact me and start your journey with Pilates Fit today.

Michelle Nazar Pilates Instructor posing with brown dogs

Welcome To Pilates Fit


Thanks for submitting!

pilates instructor demonstarting excercises with brown dog
Ballet Arms
Sideline Barre Legs
Barre Legs with Low Lunge
2nd Position Plie
Superman and Weight
2 Min Plank

See me in action!

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