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Thursday Pilates Class

First Class Is Free
repeating images of lady doing pilates excercises on back with yellow ball

Live Online Pilates Class Thursday 1.30pm

An enjoyable Thursday afternoon Pilates Class suitable for beginners to intermediate level. 

The class is live online with instructor demonstration, interaction and correction throughout the class.


We use theraband, light hand weights, small pilates ball and glute loop during the class, don't worry if you dont have any equipment every exercise can be performed without. 

Every class begins with a standing warm up which includes

 -  squats to build up strong glutes

 -  arm and shoulder strengthening exercises with light hand weights

-  standing exercises to correct poor posture

-  exercises to improve your balance

We then progress with the main matwork section

 -  Roll Down to the mat with a mixture of plank and push up sequences to increase our flexibilty and strength. 


- A mixture of total body toning Pilates exercises.


- Cool down stretches to help prevent aches and to help lengthen the muscles.   

Push Up
Plank Steps
Plank Knee to Elbow
Ball Behind Shoulders
Roll Down to Plank
Triceps and Lifts

See me in action!

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