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Tuesday Pilates Class

First Class Is FREE
lady doing pilates excercises on back with small brown dog in foreground

Live Online Pilates Class Tuesday 6pm

This class is suitable for beginners and anyone recovering from injury.

   Want to look and feel better?

Completely new to exercise and in need of professional guidance?

 Returning to exercise due to injury?

 Wanting to build strength and flexibility?

 Suffering with severe aches and pains?

 Wanting to improve posture and achieve a stronger core?

 Wanting to switch your thoughts off for an hour by connecting your body and mind?

Class Requirements

Inexpensive Theraband & Small Pilates Ball, details of what to purchase will be provided.



Side Plank Follow Through
Squats with Back Step
2 Min Plank
Chest Lift with Band
Downward Dog to Plank
Plank with Leg Lifts

See me in action!

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