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Online Barre Class

First Class Is Free
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Live Online Barre Class Friday 6pm

Fantastic Friday night class to finish the week


Shape and strengthen your body with Barre Fit !

You do not have to be a dancer to take part in this intensely effective 45 min Live online Barre class, which mixes Barre, Pilates, Strength and Flexibility training.

This total body conditioning class will help to transform and sculpt your entire body. 💥🔥🪑

Grab a chair and reserve your seat now !

We start the class with a standing warm up using light hand weights which are optional. 

Next we start the work at the barre using the back of the chair for support, this includes calf raises and a mixture of exercises for the legs in first and second position plies.

We continue with legs concentrating on glutes and quads with a mixture of ballet style exercises including passes, fondues, arabesque etc.

We return to upper body and arms using the seat of the chair to do push ups and triceps.

Finally we head down to the mat to work on abdominals and then stretches to elongate and release the muscles.


2nd Position Plie
Triceps and Leg Lift
Bent Leg Lift
1st to 2nd Position Plie
Barre Arm Weights
Tricep Chair Push Ups Extended Legs

See me in action!

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